Blockchain tech should be simple to use.

Blockchain tech should be

Accessible.Simple to Use.Inexpensive.Powerful.Low Risk.Reliable.

The blockchain is the world’s greatest public distributed database, it’s time we started using it that way. You don’t need to own an asset to gain the benefit of provable tamper-proof timestamps.

Blockchain tech to protect, verify, and authenticate your most important files.

Our blockchain and zero-knowledge proof system is so efficient, inexpensive, and effective, we’re giving away the first 1,000,000 Postmarks.

Try stamping your files now in seconds, free.

Blockchain Automation Solutions

Our flagship product Postmarks allows anybody to easily inscribe proof of a file’s creation date and contents to the blockchain without revealing any private data.

No gas fees, no cumbersome wallets, and no direct contract signing!

A Solution for Portable Trust.

Ensuring the world’s most important digital files are authentic with a proven timestamp. The blockchain keeps it safe and allows anyone to prove it.

Zero Knowledge On-Chain Proof (ZK)

The only data stored about your files on the blockchain are the hash values, the issuing wallet, and the timestamp. No private data is ever sent online!

Private Label

Fully customize postmark site look and feel to suit your customers. Issue postmarks from your own branded experience and prevent bad actors from impersonating you.

Portable Trust

Files can be checked for authenticity and tampering without needing to be shared online.

Transcripts, reports, etc. can be issued one time with no ongoing need to confirm authenticity.

College Transcripts • Research Data • Accounting Documents • Landlord/Tenant Docs • Photos • Original Compositions • Any DocumentsCollege Transcripts • Research Data • Accounting Documents • Landlord/Tenant Docs • Photos • Original Compositions • Any Documents

Our Technology Advantage


We’ve built on WAX, allowing for a low fee, fast, scalable, green solution – without needing an L2.

UX Optimized

Chainletter blends the best of web2 and web3 to provide a smooth user experience that abstracts out the blockchain and leaves a smooth user experience.

Production Ready

Chainletter is in production, minting to the blockchain, and onboarding users.

Who We Are

We’re web3 native embracing the best ease of use features of web2.

  • I am a marketer and a technologist. I am the founder of, a publishing platform used by hundreds of thousands of writers and millions of readers.

  • I am a Navy veteran (special ops/ EOD) with 15+ years of experience in leadership, operations and strategy, and project management.

  • I'm a programmer with over 15 years experience in the industry. I'm passionate about where blockchain can take us but I'd like to see it be more accessible to the average person and practical to industry!

Postmarks Interactive Deck

Check out our Gameboy™ inspired presetation to learn more about Postmarks!

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