Reflecting on WAXWORKS

Reflecting on WAXWORKS

July 23, 2024

WAX, the little blockchain that could. During the market mania and NFT hype surrounding big ETH projects, WAX never got the attention it deserved.

Big brands saw the appeal. Companies like Marvel, Capcom, Funko Pop!, and Hot Wheels all created collections there. Funko even allowed physical goods to be claimed from rare NFTs.

The art community was also tons of fun to be around. I created WAXWORKS, an easy-to-use NFT gallery display for art, comics, and PDFs. We ran a bunch of contests and highlighted impressive collections. Some really stellar artists showed up.

I even wrote some software to mint the official WAX IO collection vPunks. For the vBots 10k, I made the art from their components and assigned rare traits.

So, long story short, I always saw the potential in WAX to host an actual industrial-scale application. They don’t use gas the same way; storing data on their chain is much more economical, yet it’s still an L1. I’ve gotten to know the block producers, the governance body, and the development teams behind many of the big apps.

WAX even has NFTs that have minted hundreds of millions of copies and millions of wallets. This chain is perfect for some real work.

I’m excited to see what developing backend blockchain applications can enable!

— Nick